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February 23, 2018 in GRAMMAR 61

Unless we hire an editor, (not always possible for us small time bloggers) we WILL make a mistake at some point no matter how hard we try not to. :) One reader of mine. Checked one of my errors but i am happy he found it. I usually update my articles everyday to check for errors and add more details. Greate article! However as a blogger my instincts are to post the blog when I deem finished, and its only later that I realise the quality lapses.

Read more about: You are here: Home Software Three alternatives to Word's spelling and grammar checker. Most Popular. Technology.

Another strategy that I follow is writing down all of the common mistakes I make, along with pointers that remind me how to correct them. My notebook also helps me by looking back at the errors I used to make so I can see my progress. I often spend time with my English-major friend, and I take her help in improving my writing. I suggest you look around and find a friend or a tutor who can help you, too. It may take several weeks of effort, but it will be helpful all throughout the rest of your life. 3. Take online grammar tests. If you enjoy learning online, I recommend you start taking online grammar tests.

Centre for Learning and Study Support (CLaSS): Proof Reading for Grammar Toolkit. TO ACCESS OTHER GUIDE PAGES, CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW: 1. Is this a sentence? The basic structure of an English sentence. 2. Should I start a new sentence? Common errors with sentence structure. 1. Is the tense correct?

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On one hand this does not matter much if I am looking for SEO and SERPS rankings, but if we wish to establish a reputation as a quality blogger / article writer and drive traffic, which all of us must do, we need to be wary of the aspects mentioned in your article. Recently at the Job Board. Problogger Top Articles. Top Resources.

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They will instantly show you your “grammar score”, and you will know what areas you need to work on. You can use this free online tool for some grammar exercises. This is one of my favorite tools to check for grammatical errors on the fly. It offers various ways to integrate with your blog (including a WordPress plugin).

This toolkit outlines some of the common grammar errors we often find in students’ assignments at DMU. The aim of the toolkit is to help you to identify some of these errors and to correct them in your own work. Do take your time.

Online grammar tests



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